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If you can, please download these files onto your laptop computer before you attend the workshop. There will be an internet connection there (provided by our wonderful location sponsor!), but it's not fast enough for everyone to download large files at the same time.

If you can't download the files ahead of time, we will also have the files available on USB drives at the Installfest.

Common Operating Systems

Almost everyone will have one of these operating systems. If you're not sure what version you have, do this:

Find the column for your OS, and download each file.

Important: Please download these files even if you have been to a previous workshop. Versions have changed.
Mac OS X (10.6+) Windows (7+) Windows (XP-Vista) Linux (Ubuntu/Fedora)
VM Image VM Image VM Image VM Image
VirtualBox 5.0 Installer VirtualBox 5.0 Installer VirtualBox 5.0 Installer Choose your distro here
Vagrant 1.9 Installer Vagrant 1.9 Installer Vagrant 1.5 Installer Choose your distro here
Sublime Text 2 Installer Sublime Text 2 Installer Sublime Text 2 Installer Choose your CPU here
Git for Windows Git for Windows

When you come to the workshop, you will use these files to set up the RailsBridge virtual machine.

Other Operating Systems

We can't guarantee that these operating systems will work, because they don't support using the virtual machine, but we'll do our best to help you get up and running. Do these steps before coming to the workshop.

Mac OS X (10.4-10.5) Linux (Other Distributions) ChromeOS (Chromebook)
Follow these instructions to install XCode. Read the instructions for Linux and install the equivalent packages for your distribution. Create an account on Cloud9.

MAC AND LINUX EXPERTS: if you prefer, you can use these methods to install Ruby natively on your computer, without a virtual machine, even on supported versions of Mac OS X or Linux.

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