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Installfest Completion Checklist

  1. Open a command line on your computer.

    • On Macs: In Finder, start Applications > Utilities > Terminal, or find the Terminal application through Spotlight (click the magnifying glass in the top right of the screen and start typing 'Terminal')
    • On Windows: open up Git Bash from your desktop or All Programs menu. Do not use Power Shell or Command Prompt! It doesn't support the ssh command that we need.
    • On Linux: press Ctrl + Alt + T or Find Terminal under the Accessories category of your applications menu.
  2. Go to the RailsBridge folder: type cd ~/Desktop/railsbridge

  3. Start the virtual machine: type vagrant up

  4. Connect to the virtual machine: type vagrant ssh

  5. Start the Ruby interactive editor: type irb

  6. Exit the Ruby interactive editor: type exit

  7. Disconnect from the virtual machine by typing exit

  8. Stop the virtual machine for the night: type vagrant halt.

  9. From Finder or the Start menu, start Sublime Text or your text editor application.

  10. Get a setup confirmation sticker from a TA and stick it on your laptop where it will be visible when you return tomorrow.

You're Done!

Congratulations, you're done with the Friday session. We'll see you at 9:30am tomorrow. Please bring the same laptop you used tonight.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback on tonight's material, don't hesitate to let a TA know. We also have a feedback form that you can use early and often to provide feedback about the workshop.