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### What is Cloud9?

Cloud 9 is an Amazon service that lets you write, run, and debug your code using just a web browser.

It's a cloud-based service, which means you will be able to access the projects you build there from any 
computer without having to re-install your programming environment. It's also **completely free** for the
app that we'll be building.

### Sign up for a Cloud9 account

1. Visit the [Cloud9 website](https://c9.io)

2. Click "Create new AWS account".

3. Create an account with a valid email address, password, and AWS account name (this account name can be changed later).

4. On the "Contact Information" screen, select "Personal" for account type, then fill out all fields.

5. Enter a credit or debit card number for the account.

    **Note:** The service we will be using is free, and powered by Amazon, which safely stores your information. Your credit cart **will not** be charged.

6. Follow the prompt to verify your identity through Text Message or phone call.

7. Select the "Basic Plan" from the next screen. This plan is free.

8. Click "Continue to the Console" to access your new Amazon Web Services account!

### Create a new project

1. Click on "Services" in the top left navigation menu.

2. Select "Cloud9" under "Developer Tools", or search for and select Cloud9 in the search bar.

3. Click "Create Environment".

4. Enter "railsbridge" in the "Name" field, and a description of your choice

    _(eg "my first rails app")_

5. On the "Configuration Settings", click "Next Step" at the bottom. We will be using Cloud9's default configuration.

6. Review your information and click "Create Environment". Cloud9 will now set up your programming environment!

### Using the Cloud9 Environment

The environment that you just created has everything you need to build your first Rails app!

On the left-hand side of the environment, you should see a file tree, similar to browsing the files on your computer. You can view, edit, open, or add new files to your project here!

The interface also allows you to open a new terminal window. Just click the plus (+) tab, and select 'New Terminal'

When reading the instructions, look for the <i class="fa fa-cloud"></i> icon for Cloud9-specific instructions.

### That's it!
If you've made it this far, you've successfully completed Installfest! Be sure to stick around for the presentation on using the command line, and check out the [Installfest checklist](/installfest/checklist) before you go.