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What other features do you want?


* Profile pages for users (enter user’s name or details, have it display alongside posts).
* Post/Comment history for individual users (on their profile page?).
* Easy user profile pictures with [Gravatar](https://gravatar.com/).
* Add login options with [Omniauth](https://github.com/intridea/omniauth), including Twitter, Facebook, Github, Google, and more.
  * Check out the Devise [documentation for integrating with Omniauth](https://github.com/plataformatec/devise/wiki/OmniAuth:-Overview).
* Fiddle with the layout of the show page so it doesn't look bad. If it looks bad. It probably looks great.
* Perhaps fancier post markup with Markdown or something similar.
* Deploy to Heroku and send your message board to all your friends!

## ...and that's that! Good luck! Make more things! Come back again!