# Lesson 1 - Building Snake in JavaScript

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  Today, we're going to recreate the classic game snake in the Javascript
  programming language.  

canvas id: 'chunk-game', height: 600, width: 800

script src: 'js/chunk.js'

script src: 'js/snake.js'

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  ### Download the tutorial

  Before you can start the tutorial, you'll need to <a
    href="">download the tutorial</a> to your computer
  to edit the source code.
  ### Launch your programming environment

  When programming, you'll generally want these tools on hand:

  * Your browser to see the code running (I recommend Chrome)
  * A text editor to change the code (I recommend <a
  * A javascript console so you can experiment and print out debugging
  messages. This is built into your browser.
  Once you have these tools available, we need to open the files we'll be working with:
  * Open game/snake.js in your text editor
  * Open game/index.html in your browser
  * Open your browser's javascript console
  * type `alert("hello world");` in your browser's javascript console and
  dismiss the window that pops up

  <img src='img/helloworld.png' height="300" width="600">
  ### Stop and reflect
  * The javascript console is one of the fastest ways to get feedback on
  whether the code does what you expect. How else can you get feedback about whether
  your code does what you expect?
  * Why shouldn't you use Word or Google Docs to edit code?

  ### Helpful Links

  * <a href="">How to launch dev tools in chrome.</a>
  * <a href="">How to launch dev tools in internet explorer.</a>
  * <a href="">How to launch dev tools in firefox.</a>
  * <a href="">How to launch dev tools in safari.</a>

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