# Lesson 5 - Make CHUNK move the snake for us

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  Hooray! We can both draw and move the snake! Of course, having our users
  copy and paste lines of code into their javascript console isn't a wonderful
  idea, so we're going to have CHUNK execute the move and draw commands for us.

  We'll start with an `advanceGame` function

  var advanceGame = function() {
    snake = moveSnake(snake);

  To get this function running we'll use our CHUNK game engine to CALL the `executeNTimesPerSecond` function. It does exactly that, to do this `executeNTimesPerSecond` takes in two arguments. The first arugement advances the game, and the second tells it how many times to move per-second.

  CHUNK.executeNTimesPerSecond(advanceGame, 1);

  Bam! Now the snake moves down until it runs off the game screen.

  Because functions are just another kind of value (like numbers, arrays, objects, strings,
  etc.) we can pass them as arguments to other functions.


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  ### Play Time!

  * How can you increase the speed at which the snake moves?

  ### Helpful Links

  1. <a href="http://blog.teamtreehouse.com/how-to-create-javascript-functions-with-variable-arguments-treehouse-quick-tip">Writing functions with more than one argument</a>

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