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# Extra Fun Ruby Stuff

We've gone over the basics, but Ruby has lots of other language features. Here's a quick overview, with links to more info about them.

[Iterators](http://codelikethis.com/lessons/ruby_blocks/iterators) are special loops that act on all the items in a collection.

[Blocks](http://codelikethis.com/lessons/ruby_blocks) are like a cross between functions and methods. They allow Ruby to express many powerful algorithms in a compact writing style.

[Symbols](http://codelikethis.com/lessons/ruby_basics/symbols) are like strings that start with a colon, and they're used all over the place.

[Chaining](http://codelikethis.com/lessons/ruby_basics/chaining) is a compact way to express a chain of events. Properly executed, chaining turns Ruby from prose into poetry.

[Methods](http://codelikethis.com/lessons/ruby_objects/objects#behavior) and [Classes](http://codelikethis.com/lessons/ruby_objects/classes) are the heart of [Object-Oriented Programming](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Object-oriented_programming). They

## ...and [lots more](http://codelikethis.com/lessons)...