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# Truthiness

Computers have a very strict idea of when things are *true* and *false*.


(Unlike Stephen Colbert...)

# True or False?

Try the following in irb:

* `1 < 2`
* `2 + 2 < 4`
* `2 + 2 <= 4`
* `2.even?`
* `4.odd?`
* `"apple".empty?`
* `"".empty?`

# Conditions

The magic word `if` is called a CONDITIONAL.

    if age < 18 then
      puts "Sorry, adults only."
# One-Line Condition

Ruby has a compact way of putting an entire `if` expression on one line:

    puts "Sorry, adults only." if age < 18
Note that:

* the action comes *first* in a one-line condition
* this sounds kind of natural
  * "Go to bed if you're sleepy."

# if... then... else... end

The magic word `else` allows BRANCHING.

    if age >= 18 then
      puts "allowed"
      puts "denied"

Like a fork in the road, the program chooses one path or the other.

(In Ruby, `then` is optional, so we usually leave it off, but if it makes your code clearer, go ahead and use it.)

# 2 + 2 = 4

Sadly, this expression:

    2 + 2 = 4
causes a `SyntaxError`. You need to do

    2 + 2 == 4

instead. Why?

# The Tragedy of the Equal Sign

* a single equal sign means ASSIGNMENT
  * `name = "Alice"` -- "assign the variable 'name' to the value 'Alice'"
* two equal signs means COMPARISON
  * `name == "Alice"` -- "does the variable 'name' contain the string 'Alice'?"

> This is confusing, and you should feel confused.

* (it's all FORTRAN's fault)

# LAB: Good Friend, Bad Friend

* Your `hello.rb` program should currently look something like this:

        puts "What is your name?"
        name = gets.strip
        puts "Hello, " + name + "!"

* Now change `hello.rb` so that it doesn't always say hello!
  * If the user's name is "Darth" then say "Go away!"

# Conjunction Junction

* You can make more complicated logical expressions using conjunctions like `and`, `or`, `not`:
  * `X and Y` means "are both X and Y true?"
  * `X or Y` means "is either X or Y (or both) true?"
  * `not X` means "is X false?" (think about it)

* For example:

        if age >= 18 or parent.gave_permission? then
          puts "allowed"
          puts "denied"

# LAB: Enemies List

* Change `hello.rb` so that it says "Go away!" if the user's name is any one of a number of evil names
* For instance, Voldemort, Satan, Lex Luthor...