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* What's a program? Operating system?
* What's a framework? 
** something that makes it faster to build an application because it contains most of the things you would commonly write
* Workflow - how do you write a program?
** Learn about customer's requirements -> translate to "stories"
** Pick a story that seems doable and start writing code that does it
** Show your work to the customer, get feedback
** Based on feedback, adjust stories (customer's "up front" requirements vs. changes once they see something working)
** Once story is finished, go back to "pick a story"...keep going until you're done! (This is an example of looping!)
* alternate [[programming intro]]
* Basic programming structures - or, how to do the "start writing code" step
** variables - words that hold information
** types of information - text, numbers, collections
** operators - doing stuff with variables
** loops - doing the same action a bunch of times
** printing - to the screen, or to a file
* Writing a simple program
** opening the editor
** opening the command line
** adding two numbers together, storing in a variable
** printing variable to the screen
** save and run