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Deploying To Github Again

If you haven't deployed your app to GitHub yet, start at Deploying to GitHub.

If you have any problems with these steps, ask a volunteer for help. If you don't know if you have Git installed or have a GitHub account, it's okay to do these steps later instead.


  • Commit your changes to locally

  • Push your changes to GitHub

Step 1: Commit any pending changes to git

GitHub will only receive the files we've committed into our local git repository. So we need to make sure all changed files have been committed.

Type this in the terminal:
git status

git status shows you any pending changes you've created. If it has no output, you're already ready to deploy! Otherwise...

Type this in the terminal:
git add .
git commit -m "Some helpful message for your future self"

Your commit message should reference whatever your outstanding changes are: something like 'added new cat picture'.

Step 2: Push changes to GitHub

Type this in the terminal:
git push origin master

This takes all changes you've committed locally and pushes them to GitHub.

Step 3: Visit your site

Go to your browser and navigate to [your-github-user-name].github.io

You should see the changes you made, but ON THE INTERNET!